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I am an Australian-born artist, now living in Denmark. My training is in both Art and Illustration, and I also have a passionate interest in Philosophy, Myth, Religion, and the ever-changing psychology of Human Beings.

While living in Australia, I spent several years exploring the philosophy and practices of Buddhism, and was surprised to find this was replaced by a rediscovery of the Christian faith, when I first came to Denmark. I have had an interest in iconography for many years, and this is now reflected in my work. I consider my paintings to be “modern icons”.

Although I paint on wood in the icon tradition, I do not use egg tempura, but modern acrylic paint. Also, I do not copy existing icons, as traditional, but paint my own version of these sacred themes. However, I do honour the true icon tradition by painting them as a kind of meditation, and show deep respect for the subject painted.

I am very interested and inspired by the way humankind needs spiritual traditions and practices in order to encourage the transformation of faults and imperfections. That is, to attempt to find meaning in that which is not understood; or the concept of God in its’ many forms and faces. It is for this reason that I enjoy painting on old, or reclaimed wood, as I take delight in transforming the damaged and imperfect wood, by laying a sacred image on top of the flaws.